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Student & Participant Learning Goals

1. Learn about the unique ecological and social environments of southwest Puerto Rico. The list of nearby places (noted above) includes unique environmental sites in this part of Puerto Rico where participants can go (with knowledgeable instructors/guides) to learn about the unique characteristics of these areas, how they are different from other areas and why they need to be protected.

2. Learn about environmental change in Puerto Rico and the impact of such environmental change in driving migration to the US.

3. Learn about efforts to reduce Puerto Rico's dependence on fossil fuels - especially in light of the recent hurricanes and earthquakes.  Learn the history of Puerto Rican efforts to decrease this dependence on fossil fuels and build more environmentally-friendly energy systems.

4. Learn how to assist community-based organizations that are helping in the Puerto Rico recovery efforts.

5. History:  learn about the 500 year history of Puerto Rico and the Island’s past and current relationship to the US

6.  Learn about the impacts of recent hurricanes and earthquakes on the people and economy of Puerto Rico.

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Palm Trees


●Students will work with local groups, faculty, civic organizations, and/or non-profits and produce a report or research study that is beneficial to both the environment and to the group that they are working with.  For those participating on a credit basis, this report will contribute substantially to their final grade.

●Teamwork is important and joint presentations on the proposed and on-going fieldwork, research and/or report will be held.  Joint project development will be emphasized.   Those involved should be willing to work hard (if necessary) and to collaborate with others.

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In Sum:

BEC will serve as a place where the Fordham community can come together with Puerto Ricans to study and work on the problems caused by such environmental disasters, and devise possible solutions.

Students, staff, and faculty will all volunteer, study and assist the local community while doing research and/or earning academic credit.

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